The Best Games like Arma 2

Looking for games like Arma 2?

Arma 2 is a  military simulation video game by Bohemia Interactive Studio. Here are the best games like Arma 2 that I personally recommend playing.

Best Games Like Arma 2

Operation Flashpoint : Third person flight and helicopter shooter for PC.


 Tom Clancys Rainbow Six 3 : First person and 3rd person tactical shooter for consoles

Tom Clancys Rainbow Six Vegas 2 : 1st person squad based tactical shooter for consoles

SWAT 4 : strategic FPS squad based shooter for PC


Second Tier Games like Arma 2


Tom Clancys Ghost Recon 2 : FPS and TPS squad based tactical shooter on console

Battlefield Vietnam : 3rd [erson shooter based around Vietnam, for PC.

Joint Operations : 3rd person shooter similar to Modern Warfare on PC.

Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter : 1st person shooter ./ counter terrorist game for consoles

Third Tier Games like Arma 2

Ace Combat 04 : Console based flight combat game / flight simulator game

Just Cause 2 : 3rd person shooter / spy espionage game on PC and consoles

Modern Combat: 1st Person shooter like Modern Warfare  on mobile devices

Ace Combat 6: flight combat game for consoles

FirePower for Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 3 


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