The Best Games With Avatars

Games with avatars are immensely popular these days. Titles such as IMVU and Second Life paved the ways for avatar-based games and led them to become one of the most popular types of games in the world.

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Why Games with Avatars are so Popular

It’s no wonder that games with avatars have become so immensely popular. The ability to create your own virtual-self and live out a life (or a “Second Life”) is highly rewarding.

There’s also something extremely relaxing about playing a game with avatars. Such games almost feel like a simplified version of real life, one in which we meet people, date, work jobs and pretty much do everything else we do in real life, only it’s easier and more rewarding.

Games with avatars are like gaming’s Facebook. Let’s admit it, most of our Facebook accounts aren’t 100% honest and are really a fantasy view of our real world. Facebook is the same basic deal, in that regard, as a game with avatars: we create a preferably view of ourselves, meet friends, chat and do everything else we would do on Facebook or another social networking site, only we’re doing it through games characters.

And in some ways, games with avatars are actually more realistic than social networking. Games like Second Life even include the ability to work and make real money in the game (which is pretty extraordinary).

So, if you love games with avatars, what games should you play today.

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