The Best Superhero Games Ever

Five Games Arkham City Cannot Beat, Part of

Batman The Movie

Many consider Batman: The Video Game for NES as being one of the best superhero games ever, and with good reason, but those old enough will remember another genius Batman game, Batman The Movie for Amstrad, MSX and ZX Spectrum. What was so amazing about this game was the depth of gameplay. It was a puzzle solving action / adventure game that had you blasting and swinging your way through a reproduction of the movie. Even at the time and with the technological limitations, Batman The Movie made you truly feel like Batman. It was about as immersive an experience as one could have on an Amstrad.

Arkham City cannot beat is because: for its time, the atmosphere of this game was sublime, making it one of the greatest superhero games ever and a game Arkham Asylum cannot beat.


What can be said about TMNT? It was, without doubt, one of the greatest arcade games of all time. Released two years into the animated series of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and just a short time before the release of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the movie, it was a perfectly timed masterpiece. The Turtles, for those too young to recall, were something of a cult. We all wanted to be them. We all wanted April. We all wanted to eat pizza whilst kicking the crap out of some evil dudes. And that is exactly what this game allowed us to do. Four players could team together to become the world’s ultimate heroes in a game that was a simple hack n slasher but with more than enough challenge to keep you slugging away at it. This was a masterpiece and without doubt one of the fondest moments in the history of gaming for a great many older gamers.

Marvel VS Capcom 1/2

Thanks to Marvel VS Capcom 3, this is one classic superhero game still garnering plenty of attention today, all of which is deserved.

There was one thing you wanted to do when you played a fighting game in the arcade: be fricking cool and kick ass. Very few games did this better than Marvel Vs Capcom. it had crazy combos and super moves that made you truly feel like the hero you were playing, but with the brilliance of gameplay that was Street Fighter 2. The coolest superheroes ever with the best fighting gameplay ever. How can you beat that?!

Arkham City cannot beat it cause: MVC2 was played on a competitive level for over a decade. Arkham City won’t make it past a year.

X-Men Arcade Game

Konami’s 1992 X-Men arcade game created yet another masterpiece of side-scrolling beat-em-up action at the arcade. “Go and save the city!” Professor X ordered at the beginning of the game. And so we did. SIX of us! Yes, a six player arcade game in 1992. Awesome! And the slugfest again a million Magneto minions got the heart pumping and made you keep piling the coins in even though your mum told you you needed those coins for a slice of bread to live off… . Uhhh… that happened to everyone… right?  Anyway, this was worth more than the table bread, it was an all out battle for the fate of humanity, damn it!

Arkham City cannot beat it because: Six players and six different X-Men in an arcade?! Yeah right!

The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction

Released in 2005, The Incredible Hulk is one of the few great superhero games of the 2000s and one of the best at truly putting you in the shoes of the superhero. Getting to such a successful point was no small task for Vivendi Games, who completely reinvented the formula of The Incredible Hulk game to create expansive free roaming levels rather than linear ones. What was so awesome about this game, however, we the sheer amount of “destruction.” The hulk could smash lampposts, topple buildings, smash cars, throw civilians and pretty much kick the heck out of whatever he chose. The game also featured a great system of upgrades for the Hulk’s moves, keeping the gameplay fresh.

Arkham City cannot beat it because: too much carnage in this game to be beat. Hulk will SMASH Batman!

So there we are, the six games Arkham City cannot beat. But in all sincerity, wishes Arkham City and Rocksteady all the best with the release and cannot wait to play this great game!

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