The last Stand: Dead Zone Review

The fourth entry in ConArtist’s The Last Stand series, Dead Zone will surprise players at every turn, working both in terms of strategy and roleplay and, more than anything else, proving that Facebook games are still worthy of your time.

Dead Zone not only has you fending off wave after wave of zombies but even takes such fine points into consideration as the morale of your companions. This is survival horror brought to the Nth degree of realism (at least in so far as a Facebook came can be realistic). You’ll be growing food, cleaning up trash, building equipment and more whilst fighting off zombies as you go traipsing through your nightmarish environment hunting for necessary resources.

The strategy part of The last Stand: Dead Zone revolves around survivors who’ll enter your camp. You have to enter homes, office buildings and more to nab supplied under a timer while fighting back zombie hordes or having the AI shoot them. You’ll also need to fight waves of zombies that attack your base. When not under attack you’ll be building up your defences in order to survive the next wave. And things really do get tough and you’ll find plenty of challenge to keep you hooked.

Though it’s not without flaw, The last Stand: Dead Zone has more than enough bite to make it worth your time. It’s definitely one of the best recent games on Facebook.

The Last Stand: Dead Zone Overall: 8.7 / 10

Paul Harrison

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