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Black Square serve up a brilliantly fun point and click puzzle adventure game: The Prince Edward.

Poor little Prince Edward is bored. And the only way he knows how to cure his boredom is to play pranks of castle’s inhabitants, refusing to get his butt to bed before he’s gone and explored every single room of the castle and discovering every single thing the castle has to offer.

You’ll get to grips with the gameplay of The Prince Edward in about zero seconds. use [WASD] tp move and [E] or [K] to interact—couldn’t be much easier than that now, could it? And with those controls you’re off exploring the castle and finding useful objects. The finding aspect of The Prince Edward makes it a great game for hidden object game lovers (like my GF, who plays them for approximately 28 hours a day, 8 days a week). . . but I digress. .  .

The story of The Prince Edward is about as simple as the controls: there practically isn’t one, so you’re free to explore and interact with everything as you see fit. Though that might sound shallow, it’s actually pretty darned gratifying. You’ll find that you can’t wait to see what new award or item you’ll find next. So, if what you’re after is a simple but utterly enjoyable romp in a castle full of hidden goodies, then grab your copy of The Prince Edward right away. .  .go on. . grab [grabbing can be performed right nowby hitting Control + D to “Grab” or “Bookmark” this page. . go ahead, try it, it’s amazingly good fun ,honest!)


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