The Secret World Review: What They’re Saying

Why trust one review of The Secret World when you could read the highlights of what the major game reviewers are saying, and all in one page? Here’s what you need to know about The Secret World, from top reviews around the gaming world.


“The free-form structure is often a little too free-form and the first few hours can be bewildering but, once attuned to the game’s rhythm, you’ll find a smart and engaging experience.”


“ [Creative director] Tornquist is a writer… seems more interested in telling stories than building adventure playgrounds, never mind emergent worlds. They’re good stories, though, and The Secret World’s abundant charm and willingness to strike out in its own direction go a long way. For many, it will be more appealing than the fully-featured but bloodlessOldRepublic. I can’t say I’d blame them.”   —

“The Secret World isn’t a game for those craving a quick and satisfying player battle. Instead, it’s for those who seek uninviting crevasses and insidious conspiracies. It’s for those who want their intelligence challenged–not to mindlessly battle monsters lifted from the Book of Generic Fantasy Creatures. You must still endure a fair share of annoyances, broken quests, and uninspired fundamentals. The Secret World requires you to dig more deeply than you might have expected. But when you do, you find a fascinating game willing to divulge its secrets to anyone ready to listen.”  —UK.Gamespot.Com


“Character building is a much more open-ended process in The Secret World than in other MMOs. . . There are tons of abilities to pick from, but instead of having a three-tiered hot bar packed with dozens of skills you rarely use, in The Secret World you’re restricted to seven active skills. This encourages you to mix and match to find a good combo that works for what role you’re trying to play. There’s no level cap. . .can max out every available ability tree and become a one-person demon-killing army through the sheer number of options and combos you can create.    –


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