The Splatters Review: A Fun Brain-Exercising Game

  • Published by: Microsoft Game Studios
  • Developed by: SpikySnail
  • Genre: Puzzle Action
  • Release Date:
    Europe: April 11, 2012
  • PEGI: 3+

What is The Splatters Good For?   

The Splatters is an excellent brain training game for Xbox LIVE Arcade, full to the brim with brain teasing puzzles. What’s best about it that Splatter TV allows you to see other player’s games, meaning you’ll be learning whilst you train your brain! COOL!

There was a time when physics puzzlers felt new and fresh, but over recent times they’ve grown commonplace, especially on Xbox LIVE Arcade. Any game that offers a new take on the staling genre is welcomed with open arms and The Splatters is just one such game, its addictive puzzle action making a truly fun brain training game.
Your mission in The Splatters is simple: shoot the liquid-filled splatters around the map to make their goo explode bombs throughout the stage. You can throw them into the air, hurl them into spikes and shoot them into bomb clusters, but they’re colour coded so you can only knock out the correct colour. The environments are littered with objects, some being obstructive, others aiding The Splatters’ motion about the screen. There’s also special tools and stunts that you can use, like turning your blob into a missile and shooting it into ceiling spikes to cause the goo to spill down onto bomb clusters. The best special move in The Splatter is The Flip, which allows you to reverse your blob’s momentum, which almost feels like reversing time.

Whatever moves you choose to use in each level, your skill in shooting the Splatters about the stage will be ranked at the end of each round, with the highest rank being three stars.
Unfortunately, there are issues with the mechanics in The Splatters, mostly when your splatter catches on a piece of the environment earlier than you had planned. At times the controls will switch to a new splatter whilst you’re trying to adjust a previous one, which completely messes up your plan. The controls are also not without issues and you will certainly find yourself annoyed as a lack of gameplay polish spoils your plans.

One of the best additions to The Splatters is Splatter TV, a spectator option that allows you to watch other player’s games to see how they were able to get their high score. This can greatly help reveal little hints to you that will change your strategies so you can go on to improve your game.

The Splatters is a good-enough looking game though it certainly isn’t eye candy. Simplicity is the name of the game. The graphics are crisp and clear and the physics are pulled off well. The trip-hop music is near infectious but you’ll soon be wishing that those little Splatter goops would shut up.

The Splatters is great fun and will certainly give your brain a workout with its action-puzzles It’s evident that the game could have used a final polish, but nevertheless if you like puzzles you’ll love this.

The Splatters Overall; 8.3 / 10


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