The Top 20 Rewards in Gaming EVER!

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Top Game Rewards 19 

Mortal Kombat 2’s Noob Saibot Fight 

Overview : We all know about this one, right? Noob Saibot / Boon Tobias (developers).  To a fighting game player around my old old age MK2’s Noob Saibot fight feels like an urban legend. You win 50 fights and you fight the grey version of the yellow version of the blue version of a ninja dude.. or something like that.


Reward Type : Empowering (amongst others) This reward actually cover several of the reward types but fits most comfortably into the “empowering” archetype.  Winning 50 rounds at the time made you feel pretty damn hardcore. I mean that’s about 200 gallons of blood you’ve spilt. If you don’t feel powerful at that point you never will!


Why it’s so good:   You didn’t get many characters in beat-em-ups at the time of MK2 so the discovery of a new one really was a big thing.



Top Game Rewards 18

Contra & The Konami Code



Overview: Back in the days when games actually used to be challenging, Contra kicked everyone’s ass. It was hardcore. For a lot of people, the only way to get through was with Konami’s code Up Down up Down Left Right Left Right B A Start, which granted 30 extra lives.


Reward Type: Empowerment.  Even though needing to cheat to get extra lives doesn’t really seem all that empowering at face value, the fact of the matter is that you needed this code to have a chance.


Why It’s So Good:  Because you really really really wanted to get through the game! Plus, do cheat codes get any more famous than this one?



Top Game Rewards 17

Metsu Hadoken


Overview : The Metsu Hadoken is Ryu’s Ultra in the Street Fighter 4 series and one of the best moves in the entire game.


Reward Type: Empowerment / Social:   The Metsu-Hadoken granted Ryu users the ability to seriously damage their friends in multiplayer. Hence this falls into the empowerment and social archetype.


Why It’s So Good:  There are two main reasons. Firstly, after waiting so long since Third Strike, all Street Fighter fans were literally bursting with anticipation for 4 and for the ability to play their fave characters again. Of course, Ryu was always number one in terms of popularity.  Secondly, it’s just a really really good move. Very versatile, damaging, easy to combo into. Doesn’t get much better than that.

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