The Top 20 Rewards in Gaming EVER!

Top 20 Game Rewards EVER!

Welcome friends. You greedy buggers have been treated to reward after reward after reward in gaming, haven’t you? Big Funking guns hmmmm? Spine ripping fatalities? Secret rooms, candid cameras, a freaking chicken with a pullstring, and STILL you’re not bloody satisfied ya pesky scamps!

How about we gift rap a booby-firing Star Destroyer, will that do? PAH! Anyway, through the years you’ve seen it all, and it’s come to this : The Top 20 Game Rewards EVER!

But before we get to it, some rules.

Rule Number 1 : A reward is anything given to the gamer that create a positive experience. For example, a reward could be a glimpse of big boobs, it could be a beautiful cutscene, a stupidly big gun or anything else that makes you think “Damn, it’s good to be a gamer.”

Rule Number 2 : All rewards are categorised by “Type.” These types are the archetypal rewards of games as dfined in this handy guide right here : The Five Types of Game Rewards.

Rule Number 3 : Let’s respect each others opinion, shall we?  There are a proverbial truck load of rewards in gaming. Doubtlessly you’ll have your own opinion of the best. Let me know your thoughts in a comment.

Rule Number 4 : No more fricking rules we’re bored with them already.

All right ladies and gentleman. Let’s rock. Please give a big hand to The Twenty Best In-Game Rewards EVER!!!

Top Game Rewards 20

NBA Jam’s Al Gore

Overview : By entering your name as “N-E-T” NBA Jam granted you the dream of every sane man and woman on the planet : Play Al freaking Gore in the NBA.

Reward Type : Discovery and Social.

Why it’s so good : Firstly, it’s just really funny. Al Gore. Basketball.  Hilarious. It’s also incredibly original as a reward and a great way to show off to friends (at least until they find out about the cheat). “Who you gonna play?” they ask.   “Al Freaking Gore.”

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