The Unfinished Swan: Graphics and Gameplay are like Fresh Air

Something very very right is happening in gaming in Gamescom right now. The amount of artistic games that Sony have revealed is truly a treat for sore eyes. After all the shooting, its so nice to get something different. One of the most original and artistic looking games that Sony have shown at Gamescom has to be The Unfinished Swan (interesting title for an interesting game).

Just watch this brilliant trailer. In a gaming world obsessed with noise and explosion this trailer feels like a medi-kit pick-up for every gamer wanting something different.

From the pen and ink sketch-book graphics to the simplicity of the colours to the solitude the trailer creates, everything about The Unfinished Swan is tranquillity. And let’s face it, the whole gaming world could use some tranquillity right about now.

So What about The Unfinished Swan’s Gameplay?

The unfinished Swan is a surreal maze game set in a blank world. You’re chasig after a swan who has strayed into an unfinished kingdom. The game starts in a space which is entirely white and you can throw paint about in order to colour-coat the world and reveal what objects are hidden under the white canvas.

Seriously, how innovative is that? Awesome. So, can we all just put dow the guns and chase after the swan now?

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Paul Harrison

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