The Walking Dead: The Game Preview

The Walking Dead: The Game looks set to be the perfect suspense / horror title, but more than this, through the choices it forces you to make it will improve your decision making skills, making you value the choices you make in real life more. Let’s take a look.


The Walking Dead: The Game has been being discussed online for over a year now but little of the game had been seen, until now.


As The Walking Dead: The Game begins, the player is cast into the shoes of Lee Everett as he sits in the back of a police car en route to the station. The game often slows down, allowing the character to really get into the story at points of important dialogue, but walkers can come out of nowhere creating a sense of suspense. There’s a realism to the telling of the story and to the gameplay itself that creates a great sense of atmosphere, which is helped by the gore and horror. The Walking Dead: The Game isn’t a terrifically violent piece of work, but it does contain enough scares, blood and death to keep you on the edge of your seat.



The biggest plus about The Walking Dead: The Game lies in the choices it forces gamers to make, choices that genuinely influence the development of the game and that really do make the player think about the weight of their decisions. The choices range from those of extreme importance—like choosing who lives and who dies—to minor choices like how to respond to a question. It will be exciting to see how these choices influence the development of the later episodes of The Walking Dead: The Game. Will they create genuinely different gaming experience for different players based on the choices they make?

The first episode of The Walking Dead will be available this month for 400 Microsoft Points or $4.99 on the PlayStation Network. PC and Mac players can also get the first of the five episodes this month for $24.95 for the entire season.

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