Three Video Game Characters and Franchises in Need of a Facelift

Rebooting a game is the easy way for games developers to make a new game. After all, what could be easier than taking an already existing franchise, with its already existing fanbase, upgrading its graphics a little and releasing it as something new?

Movies are famous for reboots. Whether its Bond, Batman or any one of the Marvel superheroes, reboots are all over Hollywood.  The reworking of Tomb Raider saw how effective a good video game reboot can be. The fans loved it. And there are plenty more game franchises and characters who could use a little facelift.

Here’s our pick of the top five video games characters in need of a reboot.

No wonder Kratos looks so peeved after that God of War Scension trash

1:  Kratos and God of War

Okay, so God of War Ascension was just released. It didn’t exactly rework Kratos in any way though, it just kept him exactly the same (and the rest of the game for that matter). God of War needs a genuine rework on the scale of Devil May Cry; it needs to feel new again.

These were the good time for Nintendo and Mario

2: Mario and Nintendo

Okay, so Mario has constantly been being evolved since day 1, but really, he feels the same today as he did ten years ago. Nintendo have failed to make the most of their IPs and characters in general of late. If only they could find a spark of inspiration to truly modernise Mario, maybe they’d turn their currently deteriorating situation around.


There was a time when Chris Redfield and Resident Evil were cool. . . it’s long gone

3: Chris Redfield and the Resident Evil Series

Chris Redfield is a fan favourite character and one of the best characters to have come out of Resident Evil. Plus, his ever inflating biceps are always a firm favourite with the ladies. Sadly, Resident Evil has gone continually downhill since the amazing Resident Evil 4. Capcom need to create a  new form of survival horror with  which to relaunch Resident Evil. Fans of the series have been disappointed for too long. Give Chris Redfield a makeover, make him the star of a new form of Resident Evil and then those fans will come back in droves.

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