Tiger Style's Waking Mars Review for STEAM

How do you fancy heading off to Mars on an adventure where you’ll jetpack through subterranean environments encountering all manner of alien lifeforms? Sound good? Well, that’s exactly what developer Tiger Style are offering with puzzle / platform / adventure game Waking Mars.


In many ways, Waking Mars was a breakthrough success for Tiger Style, having been released as an iOS game before going on to sell 100jk copies and being ported to PC and Steam. But then again, given that Tiger Style founders Randy Smith and David Kalinawhose have a combined resume that includes Thief, Deus Ex: Invisible War and Splinter Cell, was it really that surprising?

The Steam release of Waking Mars features all nwe voice acting UI updates and Steam’s cloud sync; so what was a minor release has now turned major. But is this form iOS now STEAm title worthy of your consideration?

Waking Mars will have you hooked from the word “Go.” It starts off as a platform adventure but soon shows its true breadth and scope.

Set on Mars (well DUH!) in 2097, you play scientist Liang as he explores for new life forms on Mars. As you learn more about the ecosystem on Mars a mystery begins to unravel.

As you explore Mars, you spread life throughout its caves by collecting and planting seeds from different plants. Each plant requires that different conditions by fulfilled before it will produce seeds so you’ll need to plant the right flora.

The gameplay begins as a puzzler but develops from there, delving into some strategy as you work out the best ways to plants seeds to cultivate ecosystems. As you make new discoveries you’ll fill up an encyclopedia so you can remember how to manipulate different plants and animals.

The only significant drawback to the gameplay is the camera, which can be uncooperative at times. Other than that one exception, however, Waking Mars is a wonderfully playable and unique title that will thrill most gamers. With great music and graphics backing everything up, this is one trip to mars you’ll be wanting to take.


Overall: 8 / 10

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