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ARoleModel is proud to present the top 10 fighting game community websites for 2013. These websites are vital for the fighting game community, bringing players from around the world together both online and off. 

Without these websites, there’d hardly even be a fighting game community.

The Top 10 Fighting Game Community Websites

Shoryuken.comThe go-to place for all members of the Fighting Game Community. With tips, tournament, interviews and more, is the leading voice in the Fighting Game Community. I also owe personal thanks to the guys at Shoryuken. Without them I would never have gotten into the community nor met many of the great people in it.

EventHubs – With interviews and articles on top players (currently featuring PR Balrog), Eventhubs is an important bridge between top tournament players and the rest of the FGC.

iPLayWinner – Organising and running many of the Fighting Game Communities most important tournaments, and with the latest news on new games and accessories (sticks etc), iPlayWinner is “A Role Model” for the FGC.

Toronto Top Tiers Toronto Top Tiers is the leading site for the FGC in Canada (along with Canada Cup). Plus, I’m highly biased as my good friend Vince “RXS” Hui runs the community (along with several other awesomely fantastic people)

Tokido77: Run by one of the most popular people in the whole FGC, Murder Face himself MCZ Tokido, Tokido77 offers valuable insight for Westerners into events on Eastern shores.

CEOGaming: One suspects that Jebailey might rather be walking down the aisle at Wrestlemania than running a gaming tournament. But the FGC is lucky. While Jebailey waits for Vince McMahon’s phone call, we all get to soak up his brilliant contribution to the community.

UltraChenTV: There’s no way I could write this list without including James Chen and Ultra David. The voices now synonymous with the FGC have helped push fighting game tournaments to a height of professionalism of which we should all be proud.

CapcomUnity: The official website for the Street Fighter community, with the latest news and a great forum to boot.

OzHadou.Net : First created back in 2001, OzHadou is the heart of the Austalian FGC, helping bring Australian players together and organising tournaments.

Canada Cup: Having brought us many of the world’s best tournaments, Canada Cup is a role model for brining members of the community together (as well as for awesome team tournaments).

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