Top 10 Final Fantasy Songs, with Dissidia, Tactics and XII

10: Final Fantasy Tactics Opening

Final Fantasy Tactics has a truly beautiful opening cinematic, both visually and in its audio. The music is timeless and perfectly suits the images of the zodiac fading in and out. The theme is mysterious, giving the impression that something is amiss, which is certainly the case in the game’s plot. The chimes soon meet a rhythmic melody which is one of Final Fantasy’s most memorable pieces of music.

9: Final Fantasy XII: A Land of Memories

As the name of this Final Fantasy XII piece would suggest, the music conjures feelings of reminiscence, which is reflected in the images of flora arising among fallen souls. The music might seem bizarre in its location of the Nabreus Deadlands, but that’s only because we aren’t told, in the game, the relevance of the music. It is based on the fact that Ashe is traversing her deceased husband’s homeland. The music is a beautiful strings orchestral piece that evokes a timeless sense and gives the impression of visiting somewhere from the past.

8:  Final Fantasy Dissidia Lux Concordiae  

Final Fantasy Dissidia’s main theme is a somewhat dull theme with chords rising and falling in pitch, never quite finding any impact. In Lux Concordiae the theme is ramped up to create musical gold. It begins with the harp and the chorus gradually rising beautifully. A heavenly touch is introduced with the violin creating a sense of divinity that wouldn’t be out of place in church. It is a shame that the piece is of such a short length. There is a sense of awakening. One can imagine an early morning watching as the sun rises over rolling fields. A sense of unity is present throughout, which matches this Final Fantasy Dissidia songs name, “Lux Concordiae” (Harmonious Light).



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