Top 10 Games with Dragons

There are tons of great games with dragons, as we will see in our list of the top ten games with Dragons that begins on the next page.

One of the best games with dragons: Dragon Age

Why Games with Dragons are so popular

It’s no wonder that games with dragons are as popular as they are. ┬áStories of dragons were told in many centuries BC (with the epic Gilgamesh being the first piece of literature to contain a fire breathing beast). The word “Dragon” however, was not created until the 13th Century.

Ever since those times, dragons have been among the most popularly depicted legendary creatures in literature. Of course, we have to look at a much more recent time to see an example of a dragon in gaming.

The first game with a dragon was the 1979 Atari classic Adventure. A Role Playing Game with turn based combat, Adventure saw a team of warriors uniting to fight powerful dragons.

Since Adventure’s release, dragons have been seen in a great many video games, and depicted in many different ways. Games with dragons, over the years, have shown dragons as giant and evil enemies, but also as cute and cuddly friends like Spyro. We’ve seen Western style dragons in games like Skyrim, and Chinese dragons in games like Mortal Kombat.

No matter what type of game with dragons you’re looking for, our list contains them all. Hit the NEXT button below to begin the list of the top ten games with dragons.


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