Top 8 PS4 Games, with Final Fantasy, Drive Club, Infamous and Final Fantasy

And now on to the top 8 PS4 Playstation 4 games, with Drive Club, Infamous Second Sun, Watch Dogs and the new Final Fantasy. 

8th best PS4 / Playstation 4 Game :  Drive Club:

The PS4 (Playstation 4’s) first driving game wowed audiences. Personally, I’m not sure why as it doesn’t really look that much better than Grand Turismo 5, but heck, it did, and that’s good enough for me.

Drive Club from Evolution Stuios focuses on team play and racing in clubs around the world. It will support challenge integration via phone. This is definitely one of the most intriguing titles so far announced for Playstation 4.  

7th 8th best PS4 / Playstation 4 Game :  Infamous Second Sun:

The trailer for Infamous Second Sun was pretty stupid. Sucker Punch desperately tried to stir drama by asking what would happen if people with superpowers suddenly revealed themselves in a world of over-surveillance. . . which, to be fair, is a pretty random question to ask.   InFamous Second Sun will be a Playstation 4 exclusive

6th best PS4 / Playstation 4 Game : Watch Dogs:

The footage Ubisoft showed of Watch Dogs for Playstation 4 might have been near identical to what they showed at E£ last year, but it still makes for a highly interesting prospect.    Watch Dogs advocated invasion of privacy in an open world.

  5th Best PS4 / Playstation 4 Game : New Final Fantasy:

Shinji Hashimoto announced that a new Final Fantasy would be released on PLaystation 4. Will this be the brilliant kind of Final Fantasy from years ago, or the new and utterly rubbish type of Final Fantasy? Time will tell.




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