Top Game Character Types Gamers Want To Be

Top Game Character Types Gamers Want To Be

If you read’s article on Why We Play Games  you’ll know that one of the main reasons we play games is because we want to be the characters of those games. Games allow us to live in a virtual world where we are more like our ideal selves (the people we would like to imagine ourselves as being). Whether you love playing as Solid Snake, Mario or Sackboy, you’ll love playing as them because you would want to be them in real life.

What’s most interesting about this revelation is that so many people want to be the same character as each other. For instance, literally millions of people love playing as Mario *1. This means millions of people would like to be Mario: in other words, they share the same ideal self. When you think about it; that’s pretty amazing. Millions of people share very similar ideal selves and so in their imaginations really aren’t so different after all.

This list of top game character types people want to be will be an ongoing series of articles here on (so make sure to join us on twitter, facebook or by email for updates) and will feature characters from FPSs, RPGs, Fighting games and all other genres, but let’s kick things off with a look at one of the most popular character types ever.

When you read the articles in this series, consider how so many other gamers would like to be the same person / character. If you’re anything like me, this will make you realise that you’re actually more like everyone else than you might often think!

 The series begins here: Games Character Type 1

*1: Whilst it’s true that we all interpret Mario’s character in different ways, all interpretations are based on the same thing: Mario, and so really cannot be consider to be significantly different.

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