Top Five “Metal” Games like Darksiders 2

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The 5 Best “Metal” Games like Darksiders 2

Admit it. You love that head-banging metal feel to your games, like Darksiders, a game so blatantly inspired by Iron Maiden that as soon as you play it or see it you want to jump into a mosh pit. And you want more. Well then, feast your eyes on these, the absolute best games like Darksiders 2. 

 Game like Darksiders 2,  Number 5 : Painkiller Resurrection

You can tell just by the name Painkiller resurrection that this is a game inspired by tongue rings and necromancy. You don’t even need to listen to head-banging music of the trailer or see the gothic themed locales to feel like youre “running to the hills” with this one. It’s so damn banging, my neck hurts.

Game like Darksiders 2,  Number 4: Devil May Cry 4

Dante’s new character design may have retrograded him back to the days of the Sex pistols and punk rock, but up to Devil May Cry 5, this was a series bathed in metal, from the gothic level design to the fact that Dante looked like a spruced up member of My Chemical Romance (okay so they’re not quite metal but they’re close enough). Dantewas the guy every rocker wanted to be. The soundtrack for DMC 4 might not have been as metal as 3 was, but still, the influence of Metalica was clear, and nothing else matters.
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Game like Darksiders 2,  Number 3: The Witcher 2

Witcher 2 is almost certainly the best game on this list, being a sublime RPG, but it comes in seventh in terms of Iron-Maiden-ness simply because it’s not quite camp and over the top enough. Still, it is one of the very best games of the year and an absolute must play. This is the game that only a few months ago, the entire gaming world was going absolutely nuts about.

Game like Darksiders 2: Bayonetta

Let’s get one thing straight: Bayonetta (the witch, not the game) is without doubt the ultimate Iron-Maiden-Metal-Head girl in gaming. The game plays similar to Devil May Cry—not surprising, given it was made by the same director. It’s also one of the most highly praised games of recent years. Edge awarded it 10 out of 10 and Famitsu 40 out of 40. Perhaps they were smitten with Bayonetta herself, but either way, this is one game very much worth picking up if you haven’t already!
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Game like Darksiders 2,  Number 1: Dragon Age 2

Dragon Age II is a fantasy role-playing video game developed by BioWare.  Set in the same mythical world introduced in Dragon Age: Origins, the player assumes the role of Hawke, a human mage, warrior, or rogue who arrives in the city of Kirkwall as a lowly refugee but becomes its legendary champion over a turbulent decade of political and social conflict.
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Darksiders 2

You can read my review of Darksiders 2 here, in which I lavished praise on the game. Darksiders is a traditional but utterly brilliant Adventure-RPG full of characters that look as though they have leapt right from some Iron maiden artwork.
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If you love Iron Maiden, metal, melodrama and lots and lots of beasties, then you really cannot go wrong with Darksiders. It’s an amazing game that you seriously need to pick up and play right away!

Enjoy your head banging gaming! 

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