Top Five Super Mario Bros. Characters Ever!

New Super Mario Bros. 2 is just around the corner and the entire gaming world cannot wait to get their hands on it. To celebrate this momentus occasion we’re delving deep into the treasure trove of everything that is Mario. Here: the top ten Mario characters.

The Top 5 Super Mario Bros. Characters EVER!

Oh wait, no, that’s just the new Super Mario Bros 2. koopalings.  .. let’s try this one more time. . .

I love everything about Waluigi.  Hisgorky, bandy-legged walk is awesome. The way he says, “WAH-lu-IGI!” cracks me up. Then there’s the fact that like his Luigi, he’s always eclipsed by his brother Wario. Poor Waluigi! Still, great character!



The head magikoopa who has looked after Bowser since he was a little baby. He’s also a complete son of a you-know-what. We’ll never forgive Kamek for kidnapping Luigi, nor for the numerous times he’s zapped us with his annoying magic rod.


Baby Mario

Baby Mario is so blooming cute it’s unbelievable. .. except when he cries of course. Baby Mario didn’t take long to show that inner-Mario strength he needs to save the Mushroom kingdom.



Who could ever forget the first time they got to ride Yoshi? He was one of the best power-ups / characters of all time. Not only is his plump green body with those doughy eyes and that massive nose irresistibly adorable, but he can even poop out eggs and throw them at enemies. It’s hard to ask for anything more from a dinosaur!


Number 1.  . . Koopa Trooper

“Wait, wut, where’s Mario, you say?” Meh, Mario is cool and obviously one of the most important games characters of all time and everything, but his games are so darn good that he isn’t actually the best character in them. No, instead, this little turtle dude is. And if you want to know why, the very biased answer lies in Super Mario Kart. Koopa Trooper’s little shell body flying around on a go-kart is simply too amazing to deny. Sorry, Mario, but you’ve beaten by a turtle. Of course, you can jump on it and kill it if you want, but really, that would just make you kinda a douche. So.  . . koopa trooper, you are victorious!

New Super Mario Bros. 2 is right around the corner. Pick up your copy here!


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