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 Top Game Rewards 13

Doom’s BFG 

Overview: You need an overview..?!  It’s a Big Funking Gun!


Reward Type: Empowerment.


Why It’s So Good: You need to know why it’s so good…?!  It’s a Big Funking Gun, that’s why.



Top Game Rewards 12

Ocarina of Time’s Epona 

Overview:  The greatest game of all time… arguably. Ocarina of Time had a sense a scope to its journey that at the time was groundbreaking, and of all the moments in the game, it was when you got Epona that you felt the greatest sense of escape into the fantasy land of Hyrule.

Reward Type: Escape.  Being able to ride Epona really brought home the feeling of adventure and escape in this great story and game.

Why It’s So Good: Everything about The Ocarina of Time was magical, and it was the moment when you got Epona that you felt most connected to the fantasy.


Top Game Rewards 11

Metal Gear Solid’s Psycho Mantis Fight

Overview:  One of the most original boss fights ever.   At first, the fight against Psycho Mantis seems impossible because he can interpret the moves you make on your controller, meaning you cannot beat him. The only solution is to change the port your controller in plugged into. Genius.


Reward Type: Escape and Discovery.  The discovery side of this is obvious: The fight forces you to think very much outside the box.  By breaking the forth wall it also sparks your imagination and curiosity, making you wonder what other tricks MGS may have in store.

Why It’s So Good:  Because it breaks the forth wall (it enters a point of reality beyond the typical confines of the gaming stage by actually making you perform a task outside of the game, with the controller)

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