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Top Game Rewards 10

Super Mario 64’s Yoshi


Overview: After collecting 120 stars in Mario 64 a cannon appeared outside the castle that fired Mario to the top of the castle to meet Yoshi.


Reward Type: Emotional. Though few will admit it, there was something heart touching about finding Yoshi. He’d become a surrogate pet for a lot of gamers after being in so many giant releases. We all had very fond memories of Yoshi. Reconnecting with him in Mario 64 brought to mind years of playing other Mario games. Nostalgia at its best.


Why It’s So Good: Because if you’re honest, you love Yoshi.



Games Rewards 9

Sonic The Hedgehog’s Debug Mode

Overview: By hitting Up C Down C Lest C Right C Start and then holding A, the player entered the debug mode, where they could play around with all different elements of the game.

Type: Discovery and Empowerment

Why It’s So Good : The debug mode had tons of options. You could turn Sonic into different objects from the game. You could walk through enemies. You could move objects around the levels. You could even change the frame rate.


Game Reward 8

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’s Hot Coffee

Overview: San Andread contained a secret sex mini-game that was suppose to have ben removed but was discovered by a 37 year old Dutchman.


Reward Type: Discovery. Seriously, how long did it take the guy to find it?


Why It’s On The List: Controversy! oooooh my Jiminy crickets, sex in a video game!

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