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Game Reward 4

Final Fantasy 7’s Death of Aeris


Overview: Gaming moments don’t get more emotional than this. In 1997, the death of Aeris in Final Fantasy 7 was a benchmark in terms of storytelling and artistry in games. Final Fantasy 7 fans cried their eyes out… and you did too, probably. Go on, admit it.

Reward Type:  Emotional.  It pulls you right into the heart of the game and brings you to your knees.

Why It’s So Good: Aeris was loved by a great many people. All who played the game remember her death. It is a moment of gaming that shall live forever.


Game Reward 3

God of War’s Phone Number

Overview:  Just before the throne room of Olympus stand two statues, one of a minotaur and the other of Ares. After patiently hacking away at the statues for long enough the game reveals a screen showing a phone number (1-888-447-5594). The player can dial the number to hear a conversation between Kratos and game maker David Jaffe.

Reward Type: Discovery

Why It’s So Good:  How often do you get to hear a conversation between a game’s character and their maker?


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