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Top Game Rewards 16

Turok 2’s Cerebral Bore 

Overview: The cerebral bore is a weapon in Turok 2 that fires a little drilling device. The device attaches onto an enemies head and drills their brains out…. Noice.


Reward Type: Empowerment.


Why It’s So Good: The Cerebral Bore was a very original and graphic weapon. There was something incredibly satisfying about the sound it made too as it whirred, then dtruck and finally dug into the enemies brain. Awesome!



Top Game Rewards 15

Super Mario Bros.

-Minus World


Overview: By passing through a wall in world 1-2 Mario went to World -1. The world was identical to 2-2 and 7-2 but the stage entered into an infinite loop.

Reward Type: Discovery.


Why It’s So Good:  Because there is no way out of minus world! Thus, if you’re like me, when you can’t be bothered to work, eat or .. uhhh.. do anything, you could enter a weird minus world meditative trance.  Wicked!



Top Game Rewards 14

Mortal Bloody Kombat… again!


Overview : Is that… blood?  Gasp, shock horror. You just ripped dome ninja dude’s head off. It’s the arcade version of Mortal Kombat and its bloody fantastic. You cannot wait until it comes to console on the Mega Drive and SNES and… oh…. wait.. where’s the blood?  Wow, grey blood.  L


Reward Type : Discovery and Social


Why It’s So Good: Mega Drive owners got one of their biggest wins over the SNES with the cheat code ABACABB, which brought back all that lovely red stuff. Awesome!



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