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The Ocarina of Time’s Master Sword


Overview:  After completing the quests of young Link we go to the Temple of Time to find the legendary Master Sword and journey through time.


Reward Type: Emotional, empowering, discovery, escape.


Why It’s So Good: The Master Sword is amazing for a lot of different reasons. Firstly, by the time you get to the Temple of Time to get the sword you are completely and utterly in love with this game. You cannot wait to pick up the sword and see what happens. It is a moment that will stay with you forever.


Secondly, everything about the moment is beautiful. The emptiness of the temple, the soundtrack, the pivotal point of the story, the journey from young link to old, the change from peaceful Hyrule to the ruined and destitute Hyrule. Everything is simply perfect.


Then there’s the fact that after you’ve picked up the sword you realise that this game has just begun and you have a heck of a lot more adventure to enjoy. Then there’s the power of the sword itself, its symbolism as a sword-in-the-stone archetype… it goes on. This moment is, in my eyes, the absolute single greatest moment in the history of gaming.  A masterpiece for a master sword for the greatest game of all time.

But that’s me. Maybe you’ve got a different opinion. I’d love to hear it in a comment below or through facebook or twitter.



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