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Games Reward 1

Portal’s Gravity Gun


Overview:  This could have become a nasty argument: What’s the better wepaon between the Portal Gun in Portal and the Gravity gun in Half Life 2?  Instead of drawing out a long winded debate, we went with the logical answer: The Gravity gun IN Portal, thanks to the Portal Developer’s Console. Hurrah! Never was carnage so fun.


Reward Type: Empowerment


Why It’s On The List: Every day game designers look for new weapons. Through gaming there are literally thousands of guns. But not a single one can beat this. It is the best of the best in one of the most competitive categories of the entire gaming spectrum

So there we are. The greatest rewards in gaming ever….  but.. wait. you know what? Sometimes the

best rewards are those that come when you don’t expect them, hey?  Wonder what reward number 0 might be.


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