Top Ten LucasArts Games Part 2

7: Sam & Max Hit the Road

LucasArts were always known for giving their own pe   rsonal flair to games and for their distinctive sense of humour. No series ever captured that sense of humour half as well as Sam and Max Hit the Road, a game that will surely whet the eyes of many an older gamer. the work of Dave Grossman, Tim Schafer, Ron Gilbert and Steve Purcel, Sam and Max Hit The Road was one of the funniest games of its time and well worth a playthrough even today.

6: Full Throttle :

Full Throttle is a work of creative genius, with its own distinctive and highly unique creative vision. Full Throttle marked the beginning of Tim Schafer’s genius work in gaming. Schafer let his creative muscles loose on Full Throttle, and in doing so revolutionised the adventure game genre. Full Throttle was almost like a movie, with larger than life characters, brilliant cinematics and a gripping story. It also gave rise to a new interface for adventure games, moving away from Maniac Mansions “SCUMM” interface.


5: The Secret of Monkey Island

The Secret of Monkey Island is probably the most iconic game that LucasArts ever produced. Every game in the Monkey Island series was an absolute classic, making Monkey Island one of the best Adventure games franchises of all time. Not only did they have amazing gameplay, but they were hilarious too, with moments such as Murray the talking skull and the hypnotic island rhythms being some of the best moments in any adventure game.

4: Knights of the Old Republic

LucasArts must have sensed a great presence in the force when they decided to make Knights of the Old Republic with Bioware. Perhaps they sensed what was to come for BioWare. The resulting game was simply staggering. Star War: Knights of the Old Republic was an expansive and deep title in which you created your own Jedi and made decisions in the course of the game that changed the way your character developed. Of course, this meant you could become a Jedi Master or a Sith Lord. There’s also an absolutely stunning dramatic twist at the end of the game. Knights of the Old Republic paved the road for Mass Effect, and as such, is one of the most influential games of its genre.


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