Transistor Preview: It's Like Bastion But Better

Fans of Supergiant Game’s Bastion will be pleased to hear that Transistor stays true to the developer’s form

Transistor is a bright and vibrant action RPG with excellent combat and decent voice acting (which is rare for an independent game). This is more than just another Bastion, though, it’s an improvement, to be sure. The cryberpunk setting and advanced combat (which includes both real time and TBC) make this a truly cutting edge title, at least that’s our impression from the Game Developers Conference demo.

The character that you play—a famous singer—gets access to a bizarre weapon, the transistor, which is something like a massive sword. You get access to this weapon at the start of the game and gain new abilities as you progress.

Transistor replaces Bastion’s immediate combat with a more strategic approach. You can attack in real time but there are sections where the combat turns to TBC style, where the action freezes, meaning that you can take your time and make a strategic plan of attack.

If the combat is good, the graphics are freaking amazing. The cyberpunk world is gritty and dark, with a biting atmosphere that really makes the game come to life. The characters are well imagined too and their animations are fluid. As for the transistor; it’s one cool weapon and I cannot wait to see how far it can be upgraded.  Finally, the sound is excellent, but heck, this is a Supergiant game so you knew that already, right?

There is, however, one massive flaw with this game. And I think I need to speak directly to Supergiant to make a massive complaint about this. How DARE you wait me wait till 2014.  .. I mean, are you guys serious?!  I FULLY EXPECT to receive a copy of this game within one week, okay?  XD

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