Ultra Street Fighter 4 Changes = New Meter Management Strategies

Ultra Street Fighter 4 Changes in Game Design = New Strategies to Learn

The news of the new changes in Ultra Street Fighter 4 has been the topic of the FGC this week. There are three major changes that have been confirmed. Firstly, HURRAH! No more unblockables, thank goodness. [hupso]

Is anything worse than playing amazingly in a tournament match only to be completely undone by some BS unblockable set-ups? The number of unblockables has ruined the game for a lot of serious Street Fighter 4 players. Thankfully, they’re gone and we can all get back to winning legitimately. Personally, I know a lot of players who have been relying on unblockables far too much. Now theyre going to be forced to pay properly. Good stuff, Capcom.

And what about the new Focus Attacks in Ultra Street Fighter 4? As you probably know by now, by spending metre you can absorb multiple attacks. Is this going to be truly useful? It’s not a game changer but it will be useful in a few areas.

On the obvious side, you’ll be able to guarantee getting through fireballs by FADCing. If the opponent does an EX Fireball you’ll still be able to dash through. The new focus is still vulnerable to armour breaking moves, which limits its effect. If it wasn’t armour breakable it would have a lot more uses (in option selects on jump-ins, for instance).

No doubt top tier players will find a ton of uses for this new mechanic.

The new ability to choose which ultra (or both) you want in Ultra Street Fighter 4 adds a new layer to strategy. Choosing both ultras limits the damage the ultras do. As yet we don’t know how much damage is reduced. It’s possible to Zangief becoming extremely dangerous with both ultras, being able to anti-air ultra and do the ground ultra. For other characters it wont make any difference at all. Why would Ryu, for instance, choose to use both ultras? He’ll be sticking to Ultra 1 all day.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 Location Tests

Ultra Street Fighter 4 will be given location tests at the Capcom Cup finals taking place on November 8 – 10.


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