Ultra Street Fighter 4 PS4 Release Date And Training Mode

Capcom have announced that the Ultra Street Fighter 4 PS4 release date will be at the beginning of June. News has also been released regarding Ultra Street Fighter 4’s training mode.

The new training mode will allow you to practice combos and practice your set-ups while you wait for online challengers.

The new training mode will allow you play while “Fight Request ” is on, and you can turn Fight Request of by pausing the game.

A new offline battle log will allow you to watch your local multiplayer games and you can upload straight to youtube with Ultra Street Fighter 4’s new uploading service.  w faces include Rolento and Decapre, both taken from the Alpha series, as well as Poison and Hugo of Final Fight and Street Fighter 3 fame.

 The Specifics: Ultra Street Fighter 4 PS4 release date and more

so, to recap:

  1. Ultra Street Fighter 4 hits at the beginning of June
  2. New training mode service
  3. Train while you wait for matches
  4. Upload straight to Youtube.

Here’s Gootecks and Mike 4th Place Ross with an Ultra Street Fighter 4 edition select exhibition

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