Is Unrest the next Skyrim? We investigate

Unrest Could Be the Next Big Action Role-Playing Game

Move over Skyrim. Say your prayers Dark Souls, there’s a new kid in town, and he’s looking to take the Action RPG world by storm. Ladies and gentleman, say hello to Unrest.

Unrest. Yes, that’s always the case in politics, but it’s a new thing in games, a new Action RPG franchise that is garnering a most healthy and respectable amount of press attention. Many, myself included, believe that Unrest could very well go on to become the next big thing in the Action RPG genre. But just why, exactly, is the gaming world so flipping excited about Unrest?

It’s not just because the game has dragons. I mean, it’s an action RPG, and one of the staples of the genre are dragons (and any good game designer or artist of any type knows that there’s some genre conventions you just have to stick to). The dragons are actually “Naga,” which derive from Dungeons and Dragons. But they’re not the stars of the game.

It’s not the five protagonists that have us hooked either. Nor is it the gorgeous graphics. No, nothing as fancy as that.

It’s the humanity that’s got us excited, the fact that Unrest is full of humanity, full of the human element. Unrest takes the fantasy of RPGs and brings them into the realm of realism. It does so with a story about ordinary people’ with its setting, an Indian city undergoing revolution; and with its choices and its conversations.

If you’ve any interest whatsoever in the action RPG genre, you need to skip yourself over to the game developer’s site for more details on this most promising game.

Paul Harrison

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