Vanguard Princess: It's A Love Hate Kinda Deal

Vanguaged Princess is one game that has recently torn the video game community in two. Half the FGC believe Vanguard Princess is a typical anime fighter with the same old gameplay of tons of other games. The other half find Vanguard Princess to be genuinely unique and worthy of the support the developer is currently asking for on Steam.

Vanguard Princess: Typical Anime Fighter Or Truly Unique Game?

What do we think here at GamePlayersReview?

Honestly, Vanguard Princess isnt the best nor the worst fighting game, but it IS unique. Anyone whose actually played the game will attest to its interesting mechanics. Sure, the characters are boringly typical, as is the presentation, but at least it adds something a little different to the FGC in terms of gameplay.

Anyway, the 50% of you who actually want this game to be made need to a) share this page to help hype the game. . .


and 2) head over to Steam and vote for Vanguard Princess.

And now here’s a combo music video . . .

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