Wallet Raping! SFxT for Vita: New Characters. . . Yawn

Wallet Raping! SFxT for Vita:

With New Characters  Elena, Dudley, Sakura, Christie, Lei,


“The battle has only just begun” states the trailer for Street Fighter x Tekken on PS Vita. The statement seems pretty ironic, given that for this author the SFxT battle ended long ago after realising just how broken SFxT online play was.

But there’s good news! If you buy SFxT for  both the PS3 andPS Vita you’ll get new characters for the PS3 version! Urggghhhh…  somehow it feels like Capcom are trying to rape my wallet. “Will you cross the line?” asks the trailer at the end. No, I won’t, but Capcom already have. . . they’ve barrel-rolled  right over that SOB line.

Anyway, here are the new Street Fighter x Tekken characters Capcom are hoping to tempt you with.


Street Fighter X Tekken (SFxT) Characters New to Vita


Elena, Dudley,Blanka, Lei, Sakura and Christie are new characters in SFxT (Street Fighter X Tekken) on PS Vita




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