Warco : The news Game and why it could fail spectacularly

Warco : The News Game. Why It Could Fail Spectacularly

Defiant Development’s new game, Warco : The News Game, casts you as a photographer in the combat zone of Benouja Africa. It’s a fantastic new twist on the staling FPS genre and it should have many of us excited.

The biggest question at this time regarding Warco is centred around it’s presumed lack of player-generated explosions and carnage.

As gamers we love blowing stuff up. Why? Because we want to see an immediate and grand result to our actions. We want to pull the trigger and see a consequence; it’s a basic human desire to see results to our actions (for more on this read here).

Warco’s eventual success could depend on its ability to create dramatic results from our in-game actions. What substitute will Defiant Development find for the player-generated explosions and violence that has kept the FPS genre alive for so long? Only time will tell.


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