When is the Ps4 Coming Out? — PS4 Release Date and Games

 When is the Ps4 Coming Out?  — PS4 Release Date and Games

“When is the PS4 coming out”? It’s coming out later in the year and at a cheapear price than the XBOX One. The PS4 will be £349 in the UK and £399 in US, which is $100 less than the XBOX One (and one of many reasons why the PS4, when it comes out, will probably be much more successful than XBOX One).

When is the PS4 coming out? Its official release date is November 13, so it’s only a few months away (and this is a perfect time to pre-order as it is certain to sell out on release).

What you need to know about PS4

The PS4 is brought to life through AMD’s technology and will arguably be the most powerful console of all time. The PS4 uses a single chip processor and has eight CPU cores (x86-64 AMD Jaguar). The graphics engine is a next-generation AMD Radeon. Basically, if you’re not into the technical side of things, the PS4 is the most powerful console on the face of the planet. It functions much like a PC, which is perfect for developers.

The fact that the PS4 is easier to develop for means that video game developers will be able to produce games more easily and cheaply. This should mean that we’ll see a ton of new video game designs on the PS4 as developers expand their horizons.

As for the memory, it has 8GB of GDDR5 memory. This will make the PS4 the fastest console on the planet when the PS4 is released in November. Thanks to this memory you will actually be able to turn off the PS4 for a brief time then it turn it back and continue playing almost as though it had never been turned off.

One of the most exciting prospects about the PS$ when it is released will be the Playstation 4 Eye.  The Playstation 4 Eye uses two cameras so it can determine the player and their movements. The Playstation 4 Eye may be used to lock players in using facial recognition (which is a bit over the top for a console log-in, but there we are). It also allows for voice recognition and motion capture, which again should see the rise of some very interesting video game design. I remember when I was studying video game design at university that motion capture was one of the most exciting things about the future of gaming. My friends at online video game schools assure me that the PS4 will finally bring all those motion sensor games to the forefront of gaming. We will wait and see.


Those gamers who saw E3 will know that Sony and the PS4 ruled the show. There is very little doubt that the PS4 will beat the XBOX One. So now is the time to preorder.


When is the PS4 coming out? November 13 2013-07-13

When is the PS4 coming out for pre-order? Right now. Pre-order to avoid disappointment.

Will the PS4 beat the XBOX One? It’s hard to say for certain but most critics think that yes the PS4 will win.

When is the PS4 coming out in the US? November 13 2013

When is the PS4 coming out in  UK? November 13 2013

When is the PS4 coming out in  Europe? 2013

When is the PS4 coming out in  Australia? November 13 2013


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