Which Character Should the Bioshock Infinite Sequel Feature?

A new Bioshock Infinite trailer was released today ready for the game’s release on March 26th. There are a ton of reasons to be excited for Bioshock Infinite. The world of Columbia looks amazing, there are tons of extremely creative weapons in it and, as with all Bioshock games, the story is bound to be breathtaking.

Perhaps the most amazing thing we’ve seen so far, however, is the fact that Bioshock Infinite characters are a feast for the imagination.

Bioshock Infinite’s characters are some of the most imaginative in years

Being a website that’s all about the gaming community and user feedback, there’s one question we’d like to ask you: which one character or character archetype would you like to ┬ásee in the next Bioshock game?

Which character would you love to see in Bioshock? Share your opinion in a comment below.

My own personal choice for a Bioshock character is the creature from The Host. The Creature is such a weird design. It’s a mutated river monster with limbs coming out from practically anywhere. It suits the idea of “characters gone wrong” which is ripe in Bioshock Infinite (The Handyman character is a great example of this).

Anyway, that’s my choice. What character would you love to see in the next Bioshock? Leave your answer in a comment below and who know, maybe you’ll inspire 2K Games to put t in their next game.

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