Why Batman Is The Chosen one

Why Batman Is The Chosen one

Why is Batman the glorious survivor of the decline of superheroes? Because he is the most human of them all. Indeed, many argue that Batman is not a superhero at all because he does not have super powers, just super powerful items. Either way, the essentially fact remains: Batman is the most human of superheroes (though perhaps it would be more true to say Bruce Wayne is the most human). [br] [br] With Batman, it is possible to merge both the depth of storytelling and the action of superhero games of old. For with Batman we have both. We have Bruce Wayne, a man whose parents were murdered by a criminal and who has had to face life alone, with all the human suffering and the trials and tribulations of human life. And we have Batman, the hero, the man who will always win the fight, who has a Batwing, a Batmobile, and of course, an awesome costume. He is the combined forces of the simple and ass kicking action of the brilliant superhero games of the 90s and the maturity of storytelling of games of today.

What is more important, however, is that Batman represents the comic book world’s chance to once again master the gaming universe. You see, it is not that superheroes are simply unfit for games these days, rather all that is needed is a slight change of direction. What is needed is humanity.

Here, let me provide the logical answer to the superhero problem. In doing so I’ll use the example of Superman, the hardest character to get right (as previously discussed).

Start the game as Superman but very soon make him forget that he is a superhero. He thinks instead that he is a regular man. Thus, he becomes like you and I: a guy (or girl) who feels like an average joe but somehow cannot shake the idea that they were meant to be a hero, a person to change the world.

Doing so provides a great degree of empathy in the reader because this is the way we all feel deep down. You then provide a logical levelling system through which the player can see themselves becoming a god (just like life: If only I can do THIS THIS AND THIS I will then be THIS!).

Superman gradually develops towards superhero status but each step of the way he is haunted by the troubles of humanity. The more he becomes a superhero, the less he is able to relate to real life, hence there is a division between Clark Kent and Superman, one that serves, let me say, as a masterful piece of drama as we are all afraid that the more we change the less we relate to those around us (also a point the Superman franchise has attempted to make though repeatedly failed at– most often because it is told from the direction of Superman trying to be human, not Clark Kent trying to be Superman, which is a logically ass-backwards way of creating empathy in the audience).

At the end of the game is a symbolic fight in which Superman kills Clark Ken (symbolically). Simple. Superman the arolemodel.com game ends up summing up the decline of superhero games whilst simultaneously recreating the superhero universe as a true piece of dramaturgy. 😛

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