Why Syndicate is Definitely Not Syndicate

Why Syndicate is Definitely Not Syndicate

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It’s a fair bet that there are 2 schools of thought regarding the upcoming remake of syndicate. On the one hand, younger gamers probably think it looks like a pretty slick FPS, and it does. But on the other hand, gamers who actually played the original syndicate may notice just how much Syndicate … uhhh… isnt Syndicate.

Screens From Syndicate for PS3 & XBOX 360

So.. what was the original Syndicate?

The original syndicate was a very original, isometric, real-time tactical game that involved a great amount of strategy. It was also completely unlike anything else at the time. It had weird Blade Runner style graphics and story that made it stand out, and above anything else, it was the game you could turn to when you wanted “something different.” Check out these images to get a good idea of what the original Syndicate was like.

So, the keys to the success of the original Syndicate were a highly creative art style, character levelling  (you could level up different parts of each characters body as is shown in the image above) and the top-down style that is now most commonly associated to games like Cityville. And whilst the game did involve shooting, that was only a very small part of it.

Sadly, the new Syndicate trailer (below) does not show any of these elements. Rather, it looks like a very typical FPS game.

Of course, it is theoretically possible that these elements will be shown later. But if the game is being marketed as a typical shooter, it’s a fair guess that that’s what it will be!


After reading this article check out: The Positive Effect of Shooters on Your Life. 

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