William and Sly: A Relaxing Game-Meditation

There are games that are relaxing, and then there are games that lull you into a meditative state of emptiness, where the day seems to melt into nothingness as you sit absorbed in a beautiful virtual world that slows your mind down and leads you to complete tranquillity. These games are rare; that’s why coming across this exquisite title, William and Sly, was such a treat.


Everything in William and Sly serves to slow you down and relax you. From the way the fox’s jump mimics slow breathing— jumping high and lightly, then softly coming back down—to the softness of the music, which melts like butter into the luscious forest background; William and Sly is a masterpiece; it’s a work of art, a relaxing, beautiful work of art.

It’s reassuring to know that this game will be here anytime we need to escape, anytime we need to fade away into nothingness, into a state that can only be described as OM.

Enjoy. Savour. Return.


William and Sly: A Relaxing Game-Meditation

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Paul Harrison

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