Wind Up Knight Review: A Game Like Bit TRIP RUNNER but, different. . .er, somewhat

Wind Up Knight Review

Wind Up Knight is yet another take on BIT.TRIP RUNNER, which has seen so many clones that it’s starting to look like the second episode of Star Wars. Of course, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a game developer designing a game around another game, provided they add something new to the formula, rather than just making a blatant rip-off. So which one is Wind Up Knight? Is it an interesting new take on the Bit.TRIP RUNNER formula, or a complete and unabashed rip-off? Honestly, it’s a bit of both. Let’s take a look.

To be fair to Wind Up Knight, it does take the BIT. TRIP RUNNER formula and attempt to add more to it, but the “more” that it adds is micro-transaction upgrades. You can upgrade either by spending cash that you win over the course of the game, or, if you’re a busy person who doesn’t have time to play through the game to earn the cash, you can just go ahead and buy stuff. It seems micro-transactions are the way of the future. YAY L It’s a great business model. Just look at Candy Crush and its money-sucking deviousness. Micro-transaction rake in the cash, so developers are always going to use them. But then hell, if you’re dumb enough to spend cash on a few lives or a virtual sword then I guess you get what you deserve.

On a Candy-Crush-related-side-note: if every Candy Crush players stopped making micro-transactions and instead gave that cash to charity, world would be a better place. Just saying. Don’t yell at me. . .

So back to Wind Up Knight.   The main problem with the game is that the difficulty level is all over the place; seriously, the difficulty curve has as much regularity as my nan’s bowels (too much info?). One second it’s easy . Then BAMN it kicks your ass. Then easy, then BAMN. And on and on. It’s like a bipolar game or something.

There comes a time in Wind Up Knight where the levels suddenly become insanely difficult. For me it was around level 46. There are 48 games in the level. The first 46 are fairly okay, then it all goes to hell.


So, clearly from what I’ve said so far, Wind Up Knight is not perfect. And yet, I have to recommend it. Why? Because despite the fact that there are some glaringly obvious shortcoming, I had a BLAST playing this game. It was so much fun. The controls are great, the graphics, though not amazing, are certainly decent, and the level design for the most part is really good.

If I had one comment to make to the developer it would be this: be more imaginative. Create characters and stories that are more personal, more creative, less formulaic. There’s a great game here, but it needs a little bit of a polish and a little bit more personality. Still, great fun.

OVERALL: 4 out of 5.


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