Wizard 101: The Best Games For Kids

The next of our games like Poptropica and one of the best games for kids is Wizard 101.

Wizard 101 Let’s You Learn the Magic of Sorcery

In Wizard 101 you play as a wizard on a quest to save the Spiral. To complete your mission, you’ll have to learn the magic of sorcery.

Wizard 101 contains several different worlds, filled with creatures to combat. Completing the various quests the game assigns evolves you as a wizard, allowing you to learn new spells and to acquire better equipment.

Choices are important in Wizard 101 too. You’ll have to choose the type of magic that you want to learn and this will impact on your playstyle.

Wizard 101 has been designed specifically for pre-teen gamers so is a very safe environment for kids to play, making it one of the best games for kids.


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