Xbox ONE, Kinect 2 and the New Field of Video Game Design

Xbox ONE, Kinect 2 and the New Field of Video Game Design

ON the previous page we discussed how the voice capabilities of XBOX ONE, offered through the Kinect 2 system, will probably end up not being used to change the TV channel or switch to the internet, among the other things shown at the XBOX One press conference.

This doesn’t mean the Kinect 2 is pointless. Far From it. It just means that for the Kinect 2 to become a success, video game developers will need to create video games with new and exciting styles of video game design.

With the original Kinect, we saw a few exciting games (mostly dancing and sports related). These tried to make positive use of the Kinect system but, let’s face it, Kinect never really took off. The trick to making Kinect 2.0 work is for it to improve the types of games that are already popular: FPSs, Adventure games and so on. Sports and dancing simply aren’t many stream gaming, and it’s in the mainstream that Kinect 2.0 needs to find its success.

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  [/wpcol_1half] [wpcol_1half_end id=”” class=”” style=””]              The Kinect 2.0 has tons of potential. It can quite literally recreate your entire world in-game. The trick to making it work is making gamers genuinely want to move their body in order to play games.

Doing this is not easy. When we get home from work or school, we generally just want to relax. That’s why the simplicity of controllers is so addictive: it’s simple, easy and fun.  Any video game design school will tell you that the keys to successful video game design are simplicity and fun.     [/wpcol_1half_end]

Hardcore gamers probably aren’t going to want to put too much effort into playing a game. That’s why the emphasis on video game design for Kinect 2.0 games should be on simplicity. It’s simple gesture like merely raising the controller, or perhaps even moving your eyes in the real world to look around in the game. . . these are the sorts of ways in which Kinect 2.0 can change gaming without requiring too much effort from the gamer.

Imagine if you were playing a Kinect 2.0 FPS game and when you moved your eyes to look at a different part of the screen, the game moved the camera to focus on that point. This is simple and requires little energy, but it would put gamers in the game in an all new way.

Simplicity is the key to making Kinect 2.0 work. Hopefully we’ll see some video game designs that realise this.


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