Xenoblade Chronicles Review

Release Date: 4/6/2012


Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: Monolith Soft

Genres: Role-Playing


What’s is Good for? Amazing sense of escapism and extremely relaxing.

Develops curiosity as you inspect every inch of the stunning fantasy world.



Xenoblade Chronicles Review 


Xenoblade Chronicles was first announced at E3 2006 and only now sees its release inNorth Americaright at the end of the Wii’s lifecycle. Six years later, can Xenoblade Chronicles possibly be worth picking-up or should it have been left on the sideline?


Xenoblade Chronicles’ Story

Xenoblades story is certainly unique. The world is divided between two mechanical beasts, the fittingly named Bionis, where biological life thrives, and Mechonis, where dwell synthetic monsters that are only ever seen when feeding on the inhabitants of Bionis.


As with many RPGs, the proceedings kickoff when a team of friends set off on an adventure, this one being a quest for revenge, but they soon meet many other characters who draw them and us into the deep story, which is poorly written but which does make the player intrigued with many interesting plot points. It’s not an amazing story, but it does offer escapism and you’ll spend many hours enjoying the unfolding story in this lavish fantasy world.


What greatly helps Xenoblade Chronicles is the amount of exploration it allows for. The areas are vast and teeming with secrets and enemies that will keep your curiosity in the game’s world at a healthily high level. Xenoblade Chronicles also manages to limit the amount of time-wasting as it allows you to make use of waypoints and time shifting.


Xenoblade Chronicles’ Stats & Levelling


There’s a great sense of progression to the game that keeps you motivated, with there being many ways of developing your character and many different items and gears to collect, most of which can either be bought or taken from fallen foes. You can add gems to items to boost their stats, a neat little feature. The character levelling system in Xenoblade Chronicles is complex and intricate but it truly allows you to take control of your character and to craft them as you wish.


Xenoblade Chronicles’ Longevity


Xenoblade is also an extremely long title at about 70 hours for completion, hours you will gladly spend exploring this brilliant world. This figure rises exponentially when you take in the vast amounts of sidequests and exploration you’ll be getting into.



Xenoblade Chronicles’ Combat

Combat works by targeting an enemy and choosing to engage it. You’ll then auto-attack when in range and use special skills that are controlled by a cool-down system. The combat really comes into its own when you are required to use coordinated attacks between your party members. The combat is complex and involved offering yet more depth to the title.


Later on in the game your character gains the ability to see into the future, which becomes useful in combat as you can see the next move that the opponent will make. You can then use this knowledge to warn party members of anger.


Xenoblade Chronicles’ Overall


If it isn’t already clear, Xenoblade Chronicles is a gargantuan and ambitious title that will have you gripped for hours. You will love exploring the world and will gladly be performing all the sidequests simply to be able to make the most of the wonderful escapism that this title provides. If you’ve any interest in JRPGs whatsoever, this is a title you simply must buy.



9 out of 10


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