Yo Capcom, If You're Doing Another Rival Schools, You'd Darned Sure Better Get It Right!

Capcom director Hideaki Itsuno recently revealed his interest in making a new title in the fighting game series Rival Schools, alongside his interest in creating a new style of realistic fighting game (we’ll be discussing the latter in a future article).

Rival Schools is one of the best fighting game series ever

Whether or not a new Rival School series remains to be seen (it could just be another Darkstalers). One thing we’re damn certain about though, is that if Capcom do  begin development on a new Rival Schools game, they’d darned sure better get it right.

Rival Schools is one of the best fighting games of all time, with an engine that was very advanced for its time and a character roster that easily rivals any other.

Rival Schools is a historically important fighting game, having been massively influential in the development of the genre. It’s also a game with a heck of a lot of passionate fans.

While Capcom could easily sell a ton of units of a new Rival Schools game, they could also ruin the image of one of the genre’s best titles.

That’s why we just wanna say: Capcom, if you’re gonna do a new Rival Schools, you’d darned sure better get it right!

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