"You can train your brain by playing the right game" Says PLoS Study

New scientific research out today has revealed that playing games for just one hour a day improves our performance on cognitive tasks that involve mental processes related to the game being played.

Does that mean that Playing Black Ops 2 improves your cognitive ability to shoot someone? NO. . . but, knowing politics, it won’t be surprising if another $10 million of tax payers’ money is spent trying to prove otherwise. . .

In a recent study, non-gamers were asked to play five games, each with different styles of gameplay, on their smartphones for one hour a day for five days a week for a month. The games included Sims and Bejeweled.

After playing for one month, participants were shown to have improved cognitive performances. The participants who had played an action game were more able to track multiple objects. Those who had played hidden object games, match 3 games and spatial memory games showed likewise improvements.

The results of this study, which was conducted by the Public Library of Science, shows that we can train our brains to be good at certain activities by playing the right kind of games.



Paul Harrison

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