You Need To Take 10 Mins And Play These New Free Simpson's Video Games

You know all those satirical video game references from The Simpsons? Genius game developer GumpyFunction—an indie dev who makes games in his spare time “For fun and stuff”—has gone and actually created three of The Simpson’s In-Universe games.

Clearly the lad’s a genius so you might want to head over to his GameJolt profile, where his games are hosted.

He’s created three games. Firstly, he’s made Kevin Costner’s Waterworld game from the episode “The Springfield Files”—it’s seasons 10 episode 8, the one where Homer thinks he’s discovered an alien, the same episode that features that legendary genius Leonard Nimoy. He’s also made Escape From Grandma’s House (from “Bart Gets An F”—). Its inspired by the devilish level 3 from Battletoads on NES. Finally, there’s Larry The Looter from “Radio Bart”—it’s an 8bit side-scrolling adventure starring homeless guy Larry.

Gumpyfunction’s created three awesome Simpsons games. But more than 70 games have been shown in The Simpsons’ history. We need to see them all made. Who wants to take over from where GumpyFunction’s left off?

Paul Harrison

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